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Think out of the box? The box doesn’t have anything on us

Corporate identity

Your corporate identity and your logo the very essence of your brand. The logo is the main visual that has any form of permanent retention in your customer’s mind. Brand Stallion – as an experienced design company helps you in not only capturing but also designing it to perfection.

Digital Ads

Digital ads are the digital equivalent of conventional billboards. We create the most attractive and eye catching designs that grab attention from a mile away, cutting through the clutter and claiming the digital hill. Our ads are the Spartans of digital marketing.

Banner designs

We put the “Zing” in “Bazzinga”. Our creative team has that special urge to produce that Wow Effect that clients keep asking us for. Making your banners stand out a cut above the rest comes naturally to us.

Logo and stationery

We can make any mundane logo come to life. Apart from your logo, your business cards and your letterheads are what reach the target market and can be kept for later referencing. Making sure that they register who you are and what you do without having to flip your card is what we do best.

Catalog and brochure designs

Have an event and you want to create marketing collateral? Or a catalog that needs designing? A portfolio that needs that extra bit of Oomph? Bring it our way. With creatives that blow minds, and designs that truly shout out of the box, you can never go wrong with Brand Stallion.