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Feed your creativity

  •  Design Studio
  •   May 27, 2016
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Graphic designers are usually different, they live in their own world, and they can’t see the world as other people can see, or we can say that they can’t see the world like normal people. Obviously that doesn’t mean they are abnormal but yes they are different.

But the question is what makes them different, and what are the factors that trouble them every day.

They mostly never know what they will do tomorrow, every day is a unique day for them with something absolutely different, since I’m working in a creative field from last 3.5 years, and have worked for Cadbury to Humanitarian relief supplies – There is definitely a huge difference here right?

This means we simply struggle every single day to figure out what to draw, design or make next, no matter on which brand we are working for, we all need regular inspiration to help us on our way.

So when we have to work on different scales, with different people, with different approaches, on different brands every single day and if we are doing so many different things in our daily routine then how is it possible to work best with your creativity by sitting on same chair in same office, with same people 9 to 5 almost full day. Huh! That seems so difficult, but what is the solution because at the end of day we have to work in the some office to feed our basic needs too and for that we need money! 😀 Well, we cannot change our boss or the team we are working with, and we definitely cannot afford to change our chair every day.

So the question is what should we do to protect our creativity and face different challenges every day and how can we increase our power to think different?

Search your source of inspiration

Search your source of inspiration, your source is the main connection to your creativity. This seems like a common factor, but I have no idea how few people can easily describe what inspires them.

Your source can be found in nature, in music, in people, in a memory, or in a bathroom in some cases. When you find it, you can switch on the power of creativity.

Take some time and walk on the road, feel weird, eat grass, smell your skin, forget everything. Find out what makes you happy, what makes you say, “I want to do that!” make a list.

What’s your source?

Merge Creative Borders

As a designer and boxer I can say with absolute certainty that my interests are parallel to each other. I feel that as I improve as a boxer, I improve as a designer, and as I improve as a designer, I improve as a speaker.

Did you notice that mostly successful people get almost all of their inspiration from a selected achievements in life? An athlete uses sports and underlying principals to build a great company. People from Army use army rules to raise a family.

Use your confidence in one area and apply it to a something new – you will find that both skill and creativity are transferable to any new challenge.

Do not kill your creativity by sitting at one place regularly, take some time out for yourself, meet new people, visit new places, explore the world, and explore yourself.

I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul and explore it. Tori Amos

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